Jeff McCall - Don't Scream People

August 13, 2019 - 7 views

SUBSCRIBE To My Channel! Listen to my original synthpop songs that have that classic 80s vibe and more of my cover versions of songs from the eighties. #JeffMcCall EXCLUSIVE VIP BACKSTAGE PASS FOR ONLINE SUPPORTERS OF MY MUSIC FOLLOW ME HERE Facebook Twitter Instagram LISTEN TO MY MUSIC Spotify Soundcloud JOIN ME ON MY JOURNEY & SUPPORT MY MUSIC CREATION on Patreon: CDs, DOWNLOADS & MERCHANDISE ABOUT Jeff McCall I'm an independent English singer/songwriter/producer creating a retro electronic pop sound that could have been written alongside the synthesizer bands of the 1980s. This new music has shades of more modern influences, but will still remind you of that epic period of musical creativity. I work from my own home recording studio in a rural village just north of Cambridge. For more information visit my website:


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