Concert at Le Quartier Général Oberkampf(Paris, France )

July 11, 2019 - 53 views

Concert at Le Quartier Général Oberkampf, Paris 11, France

I was with Elsa from Venus Endeavor

She arrived from London, UK to make the show alone ! 

Singing and playing guitar over the soundtrack playback !

Great moment ! great voice and music !

She got new fans in France who bought her album after the show !

Event description :

Mercredi 10/07, dès 20.30, c'est un festival rock qui se prépare au Quartier Général Oberkampf. A l'affiche, 4 groupes : Elsa du groupe Venus Endeavor pour ouvrir le bal en solo, suivie de If If Be New, puis NanoStorm et enfin North Way. Soirée toute en dégradé de rock en perspective, à ne pas rater !

Wednesday 10/07, from 8.30pm, it's a rock festival that is preparing for the Quartier Général Oberkampf. On the bill, 4 groups: Elsa from Venus Endeavor to open in solo, followed by If If Be New, then NanoStorm and finally North Way. Evening all in gradient rock perspective, not to be missed!


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