ThraVine - Second single "SHINE ON"

August 06, 2019 - 17 views


Second single "SHINE ON"

ThraVine and their second single "SHINE ON" Release is set Friday 26 August 2019

Banks Radio in Australia described ThraVine's debut single as "One of the highlights of 2019".
They were far from the only ones who fell in love with the organic sound universe that the 
duo greatly delivers. Hundreds of radio stations around the world have been airing 
"This Love Will Stay," which got rewarded and sent directly to a 6th place on the 
independent English chart in May, 2019.

ThraVine is now ready to seduce the listeners with their next single called "Shine On". 
The song is written and composed by Gabriel LaVine, who in collaboration with Henrik Thrane, 
has arranged and instrumented this song. Once again they will embrace you with an amazing 
sound and melody - a song that strive to grab your heart.

The heart is exactly where ThraVine's music comes from, and as they say, "from our hearts to 
yours” - it's as simple as that.

Release date : friday 26, august 2019
Label (independent) : TUBE IT - Music
Genre : Pop/rock

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