Love Machine

The band was born in Milan, Italy in 1988 and their self-titled debut album was released in May 1990 with an independent Italian label company called San Remo Hit. In 1991 the band did their first short promo tour that consisted of 30 gigs, performing live in various clubs around Italy. After that tour, Love Machine changed their line-up including a new singer L.A. Drago, a new bassist Fabian Andrechen and adding a second guitarist Max Adams. In 1993 they released their second powerful album entitled “Hungry for your Love” with another independent Italian label called Red Line. The entire album was recorded and mixed at Red Studio and mastered by Gennaro Carone at Phonocomp in Milan. 10 tracks that ranged from classic hard rock, pure heavy metal and sweet ballads. The album received a positive response from both the audience during the live shows and the specialized world press, in particular from the Japanese press. The band started a massive long promo tour, on the road for a year and a half, performing a total of 130 gigs in clubs, pubs (unplugged), open air festivals, bike shows, local TV shows, opening shows for both foreign and local Italian bands. The band was invited to play in Japan at the Music Expo in Tokyo. In 1994 the band was called to play 4 gigs in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as special guests in local music events and open air festivals. In 1995, at the end of this heavy tour, after the last show, where they played as opening band to the English metal masters SAXON, during their “Dogs of War Anniversary 1995 Tour”, Love Machine started to write material for their third album. A couple of recording sessions later, the singer and soon after the bass player were again replaced. Two new guys joined the band as a new vocalist Ronnie Alberti and bass player Steven Pasko and brought back the old positive energy, the right punch, fresh ideas for the new songs. The material for the new album was ready in March 1996. The band played 4 shows with GOTTHARD, during their Italian warm up “G World Tour 1996/97”. During these shows, they played a couple of their new songs and received a very good response. In fact, in May 1996, they started recording the album simply entitled “The Nite” at Regson Studios in Milan. The result was a heavy album, rougher than “Hungry for your Love”, different in sound and lyrics, the right balance between metal and melody. “The Nite” was released by Pick Up Record. In May that year, during the American metal masters W.A.S.P. “Kill Fuck Die European Tour”, the band played as their special guest in Ponderano, Italy. In 1998 Love Machine started a new tour around Italy and Europe, a lot of the material played during the concerts was recorded for an eventual first live album but unfortunately, at that time, the singer left the band so they decided to suspend all activities… and the band was frozen.

Soon after, almost all the members were involved in another music project, under a different moniker and line-up. In 2001, at the dawn of their tenth anniversary, Love Machine wasn’t sure to celebrate with the original members as the line-up of “Hungry for your Love”, but returned for a small reunion tour with 7 dates in Italy and once again it was a great success!
In 2011 Love Machine decided to made a reunion and started write material for a new album and played in some gigs around Europe. Love Machine are: L.A. Drago (voice), Frank "T" Raider (guitar), Max Adams (guitar), A.J. Van Damn (keyboards), Yako Martini (bass) and Andrew DalZio (drum).
2012-2013 The band after fews good shows decided that its time to change again to try much more fuel and power; first new bassist player, closed friend and fan of the band Yako Martini and last but not least the new extraordinary power singer Rob Della Frera were included into the nwe line up. With them, during February/March 2013 the Love Machine did a good warm up tour around Europe in clubs and open air festivals with a good response and recorded their first 100% live album Alive N Well that has be released in October 2013. In september 2014 Aj left the band and LM used a couple of special guest on keybords for the upcoming shows. At the of 2016 LM stars the pre production for their new studio album and between April and May 2017 they played 2 shows for their 30th Anniversary. with the new official keyboard player mr. lele triton.
The band signed a contract with the italian label Vocano records for the love machine new album Universe of Minds
The new album was out in worlwide digital downloading on 02 nd feb. 18... and after the phisical cd was in stores on 23 feb 18.
The universe of Minds tour started in march.. with 20 gigs 
The band played in august with the English band Angel Witch and in novenber at Volcano International rock festival with Thomas Silver (hardcore Superstar founder)

Top Tracks

Sun Paradox 1

Sun Paradox

To the Universe 2

To the Universe

Got to Love 3

Got to Love

Earth, Again 4

Earth, Again

Poison 5


The Stripper 6

The Stripper

Maze 7


Times to Come 8

Times to Come

Poison (Original Mix) 9

Poison (Original Mix)

Blue Eyes 10

Blue Eyes

Top Albums

Times to Come
Times to Come
The Stripper
The Stripper


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