Demonik are proud to announce “Rise from Chaos”, their third studio album.
A step ahead in the chronology of the band that also celebrates 11 years since its formation.

This new album arrives loaded with good news: The meaningful evolution in the sound of the band,
new artistic horizons to explore due to the stylistic variety of the songs always respecting the
trademark sounding of the band; a much more detailed production than its predecessor, and a
language variation in the lyrics. It’s also very remarkable the contribution of the drummer
Dani Pérez (possibly the most reputed drummer in Spain) from Saratoga, which makes this album unique.

“Rise from Chaos” was recorded and mixed in Sadman Studios (Madrid) by Carlos Santos between 2016
and 2017, and mastered by Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studios (Örebro, Suecia).

Demonik was formed in 2007 in Madrid by Hugo González and Jose A. Rodriguez; after years of
rehearsals and auditions the first line up plays its first show in 2010, also publishing the
first studio album of the band “Demon”, followed by local shows and a mini tour with national dates.
At the end of the tour, the vocalist and the lead guitarist decided to leave the band due to
personal reasons. A few months later after remaking the band, Demonik publishes the second
studio album “Las cenizas de la tierra” (2013), recorded in Sadman Studios and mastered by
Mika Jussila, which meant a huge step for the band in production and creativity and heavily
echoed through the underground Spanish scene. “Tormenta” with its lyric video received marvelous
reviews as well as the first videoclip of the band (amateur) “Culto a la guerra”, getting the
band to hit the road in the first national tour playing in 19 shows through the country, also
contributing to the release of the first live album of the band “Directo al Infierno” (2014).
Due to personal reasons and a lacking of time, the drummer, the vocalist and the bassist left the band. Hugo and Víctor Salinero (lead guitarist since 2011) decided to keep on with the project and in 2016 David Alarcia joins the band as a vocalist, and in 2017 Gonzalo Caro enters as the new bassist. In 2018 October “Rise from Chaos” makes it to the streets preceded by the videoclip “Insomnia”, a professional work that becomes the most viralized premiere in the history of the band receiving really welcoming reviews. After the album release, Demonik are confirmed as the opening band for Vomitory on their reunion tour to play in Burgos in 2019 and also to open for Soziedad Alkoholika (emblematic national band) in Donosti. Jose A. Rodriguez will join the ranks again as the drummer of the band for the upcoming tour.

The management team of the band is working hard in order to present “Rise from Chaos” in all
the dates available and to get the most ambitious goal for the band at the moment:
Touring across Europe.



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